The Board

Louisa Leontiades (Chairwoman ~ Board Member)

Louisa is the author of the popular blog Postmodern Polyamory and freelance writer for Huffington Post, Jezebel, Salon and Nerve. She identifies as a cross between non-hierarchical polyamorous person and relationship anarchist even whilst living with her partner and father of her two children in Branno, Gothenburg.

She has been in a quad, open relationship and now an open triad and has practised ethical non-monogamy for 10 years. Her book The Husband Swap has gained her international recognition. She gives workshops and counselling to those who are considering open relationships.

As chairwoman of the Polyforeningen she cultivates and coordinates the individual talents of the board, and makes the decisions in any conflict that occurs in operational areas. It is her job to network at an international level and contribute to the body of knowledge in English.

Richard Levitte (Vice Chair ~ Board Member)

As the member of the board with the most historical experience Richard is known as the human database regarding the members, organizational relationships and historical decisions.

He is also in charge of and hosts the website, member database and emailing system. He works closely with the chair on matters regarding strategy and vision for the organization. He is also the Polyforeningen point of contact for Stockholm.

Asa Hanson (Secretary ~ Board Member)

Asa’s extensive knowledge of the Swedish System and how NGOs operate within this structure is of benefit to the whole organisation. In order that this information can be disseminated with the maximum efficacy, Asa is developing several ‘packs’ for example, guidelines around dealing with the press, organising pride events which can be downloaded by local hubs from our website.

She is the events manager of polyforeningen focusing on the Pride events (presentations and parade) and supported in this by the branding manager. She will be considering how to organise workshops on poly-topics over the year in order to educate newcomers and create a stronger sense of community across Sweden. She is based in Gothenburg.

Open Position (Treasurer ~ Board Member)

Person dealing with the membership and budgetary matters. They will be responsible for developing a documented expense policy and process, so that members who incur expenditure on behalf of the Polyforeningen can be reimbursed in a timely manner.

They will report informally on a quarterly basis to other members of the board on expenditure and budget, and on a formal basis at the annual board meeting held in spring every year. Based in Stockholm.

Open Position (Branding & Social Media Manager ~ Non-Board Member)

Person in charge of all branding and marketing for the Polyforeningen and point of contact regarding our Swedish ‘brand’ online. They will be the focal point for all material like t-shirts, banners, and marketing material.

They will maintain a list of suppliers for material and create guidelines and/or documentation so that local hubs around Sweden can download these resources from the website. They will also eventually be in charge of endorsement and sponsorship initiatives.

They will be responsible for updating the blog on a monthly basis as well as our twitter account. Based in either Gothenburg or Stockholm.


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