Polyforeningen Anarchy!!

In the last year, Polyforeningen has been working quietly behind the scenes. Too quietly, and I want to apologise for that. All board members have faced their own issues which prevented us from dedicating ourselves fully to our cause. One of the main problems was the notable patchy appetite for activism. We are a diverse bunch of people, polyamory is a somewhat intersectional movement. Many of us have other battles to fight. Our work is a labour of love and is unpaid (another difficult issue for most of us, who tend to work on the creative side of life!)

This year, we are proposing a radical change, it is after all what we do best! We propose to abolish membership fees. Why?

Because it’s an old school patriarchal, top down business model which we have found to be ineffective and stagnant. It’s a push model; in effect we – the centralized elected board – decide on the allocation of funds and push our decisions onto you. There’s a problem with this. We have been elected to represent you, but we cannot represent the diversity of our members.


This year, we are giving the power to YOU, the Polyforeningen members. We have converted to a pull model, where you pay only for the  initiatives that further YOUR cause. It is a true democracy and in case you are worried that it is those with money who speak, don’t worry, all project output will be available to all people, no matter whether you sponsored it or not. Let your voices be heard.

Interested in how polyamory intersects with trans*? Interested in bisexual invisibility? Interested in legal ramifications for children of polyamory?

Start a project on it or sponsor an existing one.

What does this mean?

Effectively, subject to agreement, ANY member will be able to set up a project which furthers our cause under the Polyforeningen banner on this website. That means everything. For example, if you want to set up an initiative on Media Training for Poly-Awareness and deliver it via group calls, with articles, case studies and video presentations, you can.

Sponsorship will be available on a monthly basis and all money donated, will go straight to the owner of the project.

Membership to the Polyforeningen will this year be on a request basis. It is therefore Free. Then it is up to you whether you choose to sponsor a project or not. Your money will go towards your interests.

We will pilot this idea for a year and see how it develops. We are currently in beta mode.

Power to the people!!

You can see more about our proposal here:

Thanks for your continued support!

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