What The Vikings Teach the Frogs

Sweden it appears, has something of a ‘liberal’ reputation abroad. Whilst I actively seek publicity in the UK, I am often forgone by media outlets for those who live there. There are those who are willing to be the front face of polyamory and photographing them is a much easier proposition than travelling to Branno (a journey that seems even psychologically difficult for those who live 40 minutes away in Gothenburg). So it was with some surprise I agreed to be followed around for some hours by French reporters who wanted a short clip about a ‘real-life’ polyamorous relationship for Valentine’s day. A friend of mine once wrote,

The French question concerning polyamory is not about sex, which they totally embrace because they acknowledge that sex is super-fun and that fun is great. The question is, “Why be honest about loving/having sex with more than one person at once?”

Why be honest when you can just have fun?

~ My Polyamorous Paris

And to get that answer, the French reporters travelled here to interview me, my partners and one of my partner’s mothers. The result was this ‘Polyamory in Sweden, better to love many‘ (a documentary which proved without a doubt that I should never wear certain pieces of clothing ever again).

They also interviewed several others from the Gothenburg Polyforeningen contingent, one of whom I was happy to note graced French television wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with Fuck. Hopefully not the swear word, but a piece of sex-positive advice. Any ambiguity I put down to the Swedish reticence for using ‘please’… in Britain, it would have been Please fuck! (it makes you happy) 😉

So I’ll leave you with Mr Fuck‘s (translated) quote which

The French have really inspired me, they have always had their mistresses – even your presidents. People need and desire to love and to meet new people. What’s new with polyamory, is only that we talk about it and that we are honest and open with all concerned.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

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