It’s a New day, It’s a New dawn

My dear Polyforeningen,

Last weekend you did something amazing. You voted it an English woman (who speaks rather shitty Swedish) in as the chairwoman of a National Swedish organization. It was this one!  I already respected the Swedish system enormously, but that this was even possible has impressed me. Your open mindedness and radical acceptance is truly what underpins our movement and I am grateful.  Thank you.

Along with my nomination, the board members are;

  • Richard Levitte (Vice Chair)
  • Asa Hansson (Secretary)
  • Malin Dahlstrom (Treasurer) and
  • Elin Olson (Creative Director)

Thanks to all the previous board members who continue to support us behind the scenes.

We have plans… big plans. We would like them to involve you. Because we feel that it is time to take charge of our image and our presence on and offline. We’re a large group of – so far – rather silent members.

We’re developing a new website which we think will represent us better. If polyamory is about freedom of choice and freedom of voice, we would like to hear yours.  When we’re ready, we would like beta testers. Are you interested in being part of the team? Let us know here or on

I look forward to making our voices heard,

Louisa Leontiades (Chairwoman)

Denna text är även tillgänglig på: Engelska

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