West Pride 2014

It’s a curious thing to go on your first ever pride march and to meet people you’ve only ever seen on Facebook before, but after an operation on a tumour prevented me from being, shall we say, ‘active’ from March until the summer, that’s what I did.

Firstly, you have to be strong enough to hold a banner. And you have to be coordinated enough to hold it horizontal in line with two other people (you have to concentrate!!). Then you have to be confident enough to walk with one of the smallest groups in the pride festival with your head held high… for a cause which is relatively unknown.

And because we intersect with so many other groups, I find this to be the biggest challenge of all. There are so many non-traditional relationship folk out there, but the large majority will identify more strongly with other groups in the LGBTQIA minorities. It makes our voice very small and our ‘outness’ even smaller.

So in our case, we were not here and ‘fler’, but here and only a few. Yet even if we were not many, we were – and are – still proud.


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