PolyFika & Apathy

PolyÖl would be more my cup of tea, but with the children being at that age where my social life only consists of fika, fika and more fika, I went to PolyFika instead (and was able to eat a cinnamon bun, for once, undisturbed). It’s always lovely to catch up with those I know virtually and I hold no expectations from these meetings other than to catch up with some great like-and-open-minded people. This time was no different…

...Apart from the fact I could eat this one ALL to myself.

…Apart from the fact I could eat this one ALL to myself.

And yet our conversations turned to a surprising topic, for activists such as we are. Apathy. The general apathy perceived within the poly community about our cause and about our movement.

The consensus as far as we were able to make one, appeared to be that the polyamory movement – in Sweden at least – has very few issues to rally around. Sure, it would be nice if the law recognised our relationship status, but in the main we are unhampered with our activities and our relationships. We are unlike the LGBTQIA movement in that (as far as I am aware) we have not been systemically oppressed, nor have we been persecuted for our inclinations and/or lifestyle.

While it is a privileged position to have, it nevertheless leaves Polyforeningen as an administrative body which legitimizes our presence but fights few battles. Short of inventing some weapons of mass destruction to target, there are few issues we have a pressing need to solve. Personally I think our goal should be awareness around the fact that non-traditional relationships exist and that we have a community, but I may be biased, because this is in fact what I do for a living!

So I throw the question open to you all, what would you like the Polyforeningen to achieve in the future?

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