Polyföreningen has been working from 2008. We’re a group of people who actively want to further the progress of the polyamory movement and who think an exchange of ideas in a central forum is productive and informative. It’s also a pleasure and a privilege for us to be in contact with one another with a view to collaboration and coordination.

Gothenburg Pride 2014!

Gothenburg Pride 2014!

Here you will find resources, workshops, information on Pride events, and contact information for our board.

This group is ~ above all ~ not exclusionary. Polyamory is defined as open, ethical, consensual non-monogamy; it’s about freedom of expression and freedom to create a relationship network between consenting adults which suits all parties. Any form of open, ethical, consensual non-monogamy is therefore welcomed.  We support open relationships and polyamorous configurations, including relationship anarchy.

Whilst we have little information on swinging or other more casual open relationships, those of you in these configurations are always welcome to discuss with us because we do not presume to define what fits for all and seek to understand the intention behind the labels rather than polarizing each other on the labels themselves.

We work with advocacy, media, and participate in the pride marches across the country.

Membership currently costs SEK150 per year.
If you would also like to join us, then membership is by application.

If you are or have a resource for polyamory and relationship anarchy, including counseling, workshops or books please contact us so you can post your resources for free.


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